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Moving Storage

Moving Storage

Of all the things that become last minute decisions while moving, where you are going to store your items should not be one of them. So instead of being forced to make a hasty decision, give yourself enough time to thoroughly check out your storage options.

Your Moving Storage Options

Moving companies offer various storage services, with the benefits including one company handling the entire move and storage, saving you on the effort, and maybe some money. The moving company will generally move the items into storage, and then deliver them to you when they're able to schedule it. You can also choose among self-storage units, where you do all the heavy-lifting. This will include loading up a and unloading your goods at the storage facility into a storage container. Mobile storage is a third offering: a large, portable container is dropped off at your home or business, you load it, and the container is either stored on your property, or stored at a large facility with other storage containers.

It might seem obvious, but consider a facility close to home. With frequent visits, this will save money and time. With all options, be sure to be aware of access times for your stuff. Some offer 24-hour access, others have more normal business hours, and some mobile storage centers require 24-hour notice to access your unit.

Your future needs for storage may not be the same as your current so make sure the facility has options that will meet your needs.

Pest Control:
What kind of pest control does the facility use or offer? Also, look around the facility to make sure that pest control is kept up.

The security is another important item to check out. Find out how the security hours operate. Another thing to consider is the location that the facility is in. Is it a good neighborhood and would you feel comfortable visiting the facilities after-dark?

Price depends on size, storage, and any special requests. During busier periods, special offers and discounts will be fewer and storage companies will try to offer incentives to persuade you to commit to a longer rental period. Many storage companies will offer the first month free. You just have to look around. Though price is important, do not chose solely on price. The security and reputation of the storage company are also important points to consider.

Special Needs
When considering a storage facility makes sure that it is one that will meet your needs. For example, you may be looking for storage facilities that provides climate control and/or other special storage accessories. Remember, humidity and extreme temperatures can wreck havoc with some of your goods. Stating your specific requirements to the sales representative will ensure the best option that they have available to store your items.

Do I Really Need This Junk?
When deciding whether to store your items, remember the 20%. Most households only use 20% of the items that they have on a regular basis. The rest is usually just junk. Keeping only what you really need will reduce storage costs and you won't have to move them again later.

Storage options used to be limited. Either you could rely on a moving company or you could move your stuff yourself to a self-storage facility. But now, mobile storage has become a fast growing option among many people because of the ease of use.

Mobile Storage

The mobile storage facility brings a large container right outside your house. Then you load it with the items that you want to put in storage. When you're done, the storage company comes and picks it up. It is taken to the storage companies facility where you can access it like you would a normal storage unit. Mobile storage takes loading a van out of the equation. When you want your stuff back, the company will ship the container to your old house or to a new house. You unpack the container, and then the company comes and picks it up.

Some things to consider when looking at mobile storage:

The storage container will be moved to the companies facility once it is loaded. The company will not allow you to keep the container on your property. Most storage companies will set up a time frame in which you are to load.

Be sure that if you live in a condo or apartment that you have permission from the landlord to have a trailer parked outside for a period of time.

The mobile storage container must have a hard, flat, level surface to be placed on. If you live on a hill, mobile storage may not be an option.

Mobile storage is cost effective though the rates will depend on the individual facility.

It is your choice how the contents are packed inside the mobile storage container. The company will not re-pack your items. This ensures that everything is in the exact place as when you loaded it.

Though some mobile storage facilities do offer the option of purchasing insurance for your goods, not all do. Insurance is a good thing to have just in case anything were to happen.

How to pack the container:

Not all containers are fully proofed against moisture. So make sure that items that could be damaged by water or other agents are wrapped in plastic just to be safe.

It is always a good idea to fill all empty space in the container with blankets or bubble wrap to ensure that none of your items are damaged by shifting.

Use your large boxes to pack many light items and your smaller boxes to pack your heavier items.

For extra safety, use a hardened padlock for your container. But, do not forget the code!

It is always good to keep an inventory of the items you pack so that they can be easily found later.

Some More Moving Tips:

Mirrors and pictures: Do not lay your mirrors or pictures flat as they could be crushed. Wrap your mirrors and pictures with bubble packing to protect them from damage.
Appliances: Heavy appliances are a challenge to pack and move. Make sure that the appliances clean and dry before being packed and stored to avoid the formation of mildew.
Clothing: Placing your clothing in a plastic moving tub will insure that moths and rodent will be kept out. Your shoes and bags should be placed in a like container.

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